Tourist watercolor or watercolor tourism? Which is primary – road curiosity or self-absorbed painting? In my ART TRAVELS section I present all or almost all of my watercolors, drawings and whims, made with water and color, with ink and pencil only during the trips themselves. There, in the place, in the epicenter of emotions, in the exclaiming wow and the original intention to be there. Time and space dictate its style, color and feel. The hand only obeys. The hand chooses its own trajectory of painting and reflection. Please follow it carefully chronologically and topographically. There are two slogans, two words or phrases for each destination, which concentrate the initial idea and the expectation of the adventure ⇆ the final impression of a farewell. They are called the initial and final logo. Each trip has its own motto in development. Is there a connection between word and picture?

2012 – Maldives: The watercolor beginning, called the project “Maldives”

2013 – Mauritius, Reunion: Sweat period, It takes our breath away

2014 – South Africa: 4 options “Enter Paradise”

2014 – French Polynesia: Paradise №1

2015 – Argentina: Finn del Mundo, where were my shoes?

2015 – Iran: Eastern tale

2015 – Peru – southern half: Aliens and Mysteries

2015 – Cuba: Freedom Island ⇆ Rum and yellow cheese

2016 – Guatemala, Belize, Honduras: Banana Republics ⇆ Out of comfort zone

2016 – South Korea: Hem-hem ⇆ Paradise South Korea

2016 – Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan: Mulas to the enchanted Persian Empire ⇆ Discovery: Guide!

2016 – Cyprus: Heat, heat, heat …

2016 – Canada: Niagara or waaaaaaters, Lack of elitism ⇆ High-medium average

2016 – Azerbaijan: The land of everlasting burning fires ⇆ Where were they?, Complete disorganization

2016 – Jordan: Top 2 in the world with top 5 attractions

2016 – Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua: Pura Vida

2017 – Nepal, Mustang, Bhutan, Tibet: The Most!

2017 – Brazil: More!

2017 – Madagascar: The Eyes of Madagascar ⇆ MaGaDascar, Magda-scar

2018 – Galapagos, Ecuador, Northern Peru: Peru are not just Incas

2018 – Russia – Baikal, Buryatia, Mongolia: Tengrism and shamanism ⇆ Tibetan Gelug-pa

2018 – Tanzania, Zanzibar: The Great Migration ⇆ For each safari means something different

2019 – Colombia – From leisurely to … arepa and arequipe, salsa and salsotheca ⇆ souls – sweet life in the language of papiemente

2019 – Mexico: Multicultural alloy, The Great Sleep ⇆ Who is not interested in Maya and …- teki not to go to Mexico.

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