Ah, the magnet! Every tourist site, every tourist market, every tourist focus begins with it. The magnet itself is a focus of tourism. Synthesis of tourist interest. The tourist magnet is the magnet of the road. It is a magnetic field, a source of the tour-memo-field, fills the space and gives it new properties. Magnetism. Active force. It acts from a distance, maybe directly, it creates a field of interest in the place where the magnetic “arrow” is located. (more)


Some of my travel years passed under the auspices of curiosity about the Silk Road – an old communication and trade road connecting religions, cultures, ethnicities, productions, languages, customs, spices, tribes, animals, directions, continents. In two words, connecting time and space. (more)


Barcode, can also be found as bar code, bar-code, bar marking is a system for coding commodity units or objects in industry, trade, medicine and many other fields, which provides information about the manufacturer and the item in trade or other data. The barcode serves to identify an object and helps to track the turnover and demand for goods, as well as monitors the serviceability of companies as taxpayers. (more)


We present to you the first in space Theater of the Bag! (more)


Or more precisely, the Christmas SOCKS. After the stormy success of THE BAG THEATER, we present to your attention our new, space-surprising THEATER with the main characters socks, mantle and tights, as follows: (more)


Volcanoes. Magma cameras. Tectonic plates. Geological formations. Hot spots. Giant cracks. Uncontrolled eruption. Multiple eruptions. A series of mountain eruptions. Pyroclastic flows. Thick smoke. Heavy fumes. Sprayed vapors. Flames. Fire. Heat. The embers. Burning. The heat. Bench. Lava domes. Magma. Basalt and / or dacitic. Low-density and / or heavy-duty. Volcanic glass. Flushing. A landslide. Coals. Smoldering. Warmth. Warming. Temperature. Fever. Melting. Hot. The heat. Heat. Choking. Ash. Ash cones. Burning gases. Acid rain. (more)


Volcanoes. Fire. Bench. Eruptions. Flame. Heat. The embers. Coals. Warmth. Temperature. The heat. The element. Passion. Warming. Heat. Hot. Snow. Snowflakes. Snow-covered. Ice. Frost. Frozen. Frostbite. Cold. Icy. Water. Steam. Vapors. Moisture. Humidity. Choking. Sweaty. Melting Absorption. Impacts. Suggestions. Touching. Closeness. They touch each other. They touch each other. Communicate. They are changing. They are mutually changing. They are fighting. Martial Arts. (more)

Adoration in Maggie's family

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I present to you my watercolor painting, inspired by the great Raphael Sanzio, approved and included in the festival “Raffaello – Urbino e il Montefeltro in acquerello” in 2020 in Urbino, Italy, on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the death of Raphael, organized by the Association UrbinoInAcquerello in category Raphael, postponed to 2021 and exhibited in the Ducal Palace in Urbino, built in the mid-15th century for the governor Federico de Montefeltro, entitled “Adoration in Maggie`s Family” and size 25X35 cm, made in watercolor paper Fabriano Gentile. (more)

My travel (holy) wardrobe

This is me. My collective external image. Including my family and the community in which I live on our planet Earth. Collective composition of space-time. An attempt at the present from the past and the future. A set of accumulated and expected. Congratulations from all my beings together with simultaneous wishes of the same name – adventure, travel, romantic, business, relaxing, inspiring, harmonious, elegant, everyday, special, festive, solemn, joyful, entertaining! The theme of this year’s home Christmas (December 20, 2020) was entertaining. To be! For many years! (more)

CUP collection

Collecting – I realized only now that I am a passionate collector not only of magnets (see PROJECT MAGNET). I buy ethno-paintings, cards (called deltiology), albums with photos and information about the places seen, cups, T-shirts (see project T-SHIRT – HORIZONTAL BAR CODE), earrings, hats, shoes (see project My travel world (wardrobe) ), bags (see both projects: THEATER OF THE BAG and FOR PEOPLE AND BAGS), canvas bags (again in the above two projects), national costumes. Collecting itself is searching, locating, acquiring, organizing, cataloging, displaying, storing, and maintaining. (more)


A project conceived as an exhibition “AntiArt” or “The Closet”, more than 10 years ago, has undergone many working titles and accumulations, but has retained its essence. In general, encouraged by the art of doing accounting or accounting in art development from innovative detail to mature schematics, just as in Picasso – from classics to modernism. (more)


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In the spring of 2020, I joined the so-called home relief, through small home art or a kind of flashmob in isolation. Different online initiatives from different parts of the world have called for different implementations or set rules and restrictions such as:

  1. Choose a favorite work of art from an old master,
  2. Use three household items only from home or handy tools from home only here and from now, 3. “Play” the work in a photo with you and / or your loved ones in a composition,
  3. Photoshop is prohibited,
  4. Photographs taken from stills from films, animations, photographs, comics, covers and cards will not be published, but photographs taken from posters, engravings and other works of great masters, medieval miniatures, posters and advertisements from the sunrise of marketing,
  5. Each participant shall communicate the name of the original of the painting, its author and the year in which the work was created, and other written and unwritten instructions on how to have fun with ourselves in solitude. (more)


For people and full bags. For full people and bags. For empty people and full bags. For full people and empty bags. For people full of dreams and empty bags. For empty people and bags full of dreams. For complete dreams. For fulfilled dreams.
For the bent people. For self-bent people. For self-indulgent people. For the buried people. For self-buried people. For the people staring at the bags. For people looking only in bags.
For people moving forward. For fast and slow steps. For the request and the ability. For the request and the execution.(more)


I travel from home, from water, from paint, from mixing aqua and color. I travel through the sensations of smell, color, moisture, sun, climate – physicists say that in the brain the waves draw the same modulations in the actual experience and in the memory. The first wow. This is important. This is the anchor. The lowered anchored memory, which even in the theory of the holographic universe is thought to be scattered throughout the brain. That is, throughout your being. As long as you managed to create the memory. Use it if you need to. Let him live. (more)


Family Christmas!

Waiting for Santa!

For three days they ate, drank and had fun! Come on, get up from the tables!

Santa’s coming!

Merry Christmas!



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Or in a frame. What is it about? For art or for nature? Can nature be confined within a framework? Or does it stay in front of the frame? Depends on the viewpoint. Art/nature is everywhere. In front, behind, around and inside the frame. And what exactly is a frame? Environment, restriction or vice versa – way, coercion, direction to focus on a specific vision. Concentrated space with an idea. Separating part of the whole for more precise viewing, perception and reflection. Reinforcement of the work. Fence. Border. Carrier. Property. Diligence. Document. Completeness. Legalization. Inclusion. Categorization. Protection. Strength. Integration with the environment. Cornice. Profile. Shelf. Spacer. Depth. Safety. Fuse. Anti-pollutant. Dust sealant. Support. Support. Advantage. Control. Choice. Characteristic. Urgency. Necessity. No need. Media. Carrier. Size. Value. Use. Usefulness. Interest. Filter. Oblivion photocatalytic decomposition of materials and aging of the picture. Option. Aesthetics. Decoration. Ornamentalism. Vanity. Deception. Bait. Fraud. Plume. Performance. Advertising. Illusion. Processing. Manipulation. Traditionalism. Popularity. Spectrum. Profile. Color. Texture. Surface. Package. Archive. Square. Rectangle. Circle. Oval. (more)


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I call the “portraits” of fruits and vegetables in my work THE HORN OF PLENTY. Well, what else should I call the fruit and vegetable abundance, the sum of the harvest, the wealth of humanity? Both literally and figuratively, the word fruit is used for wealth, for great achievements of labor, for a good result. I have a hard time grasping the concept of still life for the picturesque piles of products of trees and earth. (more)


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Everyone has had conversations with themselves. That’s what I’m doing in this project. One me is my material self and the other me is my spiritual self materialized in watercolors. I get into an argument with each other. We are discussing. Let’s play. We are having fun. We accept roles. We switch roles. We intrigue each other. (more)


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The creation of a painting is like the hatching of life from an egg. Germ of an idea, fertilization, growth, maturity and laying/birth. That even more – nurturing, courting, nurturing, the tortured auto-approval, right up to show time. The combination between eggs and watercolors seems to me appropriate, complementary, compatible. All my pictures are of children, birds, fish, turtles, crocodiles, caterpillars, insects, I wonder if I should add both types of egg-laying mammals – the platypus and the echidna. And the human ovum, some will ask. After all, the egg is hidden in every species. (more)

The Copied Court and the Copied House

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I present to you two ten-meter-long and one-and-a-half-meter-high ideas, realized entirely outdoors in watercolor, ink, India ink, graphite and charcoal, a subjective objectification of the surrounding private space with a reflective reclining gaze, just as real cast shadows have done in beautiful sunny days. The natural direction of the paintings starts from the east, from the sunrise, the main exposure is the south and ends with a part of the west. North is absent, due to lack of shadows. It is preferable to look horizontally, i.e. lying on the floor, how typical objects look at themselves repeatedly. Why? Because sunlight changes its location every minute. But this is only a painterly two-dimensional effect. In general, chase and seek the full effect. (more)


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The 12 apostles. The 12 months. The 12 zodiac signs. The 12 sons of Jacob. The 12 great Christian holidays. The number 12 is associated with God and divine forces. It is mentioned 187 times in the Christian holy book in the Old and New Testaments. They say 12 is the perfect number. It is considered a symbol of harmony and peace, a sign of self-cultivation. It is this latter that has drawn me to install 12 of my photo-figures in my graphic card The Copied House. I decided to bring the shadows to life with me in the long graphic. I decided to help you in your imagination and fantasy in reading the shadow drawing. View and read only after you have viewed and read everything about the COPIED YARD AND THE COPIED HOUSE project. All theses, explanations and references from the original text apply to the enhanced digital collage with my real face. (more)


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Accounting overwhelmed me literally one evening in the closet – one of the shelves with densely packed folders with densely packed sheets of comp-printouts, invoices, bank statements, receipts and other modern corporate papyrus quietly pressed me in the back. A sign of change. I immediately changed the safe design. I distributed the paper lava with unexpired absolute statute of limitations from the last ten years to their original owners. I separated the remaining paper from the folders-nylon-paperclip-binding and subjected to reformatting. What? Snezhinkovo. Small-large, oblong-oblong, sometimes pinkish-red, bluish-gray or simply yellow, depending on the ore, accounting-printed snowflakes were poured into sacks, obtained from a shredder to permanent machine exhaustion. At first. That and on the second. (more)


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The next natural art continuation of OPPOSITES and ACCOUNTING SNOW projects is a transformation of accounting snow into handmade author paper. Life’s consumer spiral went up again. The cycle turns on the next step in another new degree and with a new beginning. Creative, different, on another track, in another oval. One sack with the raw material “accounting snow” after soaking in water, rubbing and grinding was reborn into about a hundred manually formatted, drained and dried paper sheets of approximate A4 size with different weights according to all technological rules, but without the use of chemicals and harmful additives. Bio-paper, as it is fashionable to say. I wove grass blades grown by me, flowers, field flowers, also without the use of chemicals. (more)


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Materials and tehniques used: photography, folders, folders, pockets, invoices, empty toners, printers, fax machines, telephones, diskettes, computers, pens, fountain pens, automatic pencils, mice, company stamps, stapler, anti-stapler, punches, sharpeners correctors, glues, dividers, paper clips, clips, pins, charts, reference books, ledgers and other analog accounting items. (more)

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